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Operation “Blackout” Announcement

Tomorrow is operation “blackout”. Websites everywhere are being shut down for 24 hours tomorrow to stop the SOPA and PIPA bills from being passed later this month.

We at Three TEN Seven Design are absolutely against these bills and are joining tomorrows protest in an effort to stop SOPA from giving what we believe is far too much power to big business to censor content on the Internet as they see fit.

Small businesses, social media sites, sites like DeviantArt and Pinterest could be shut down at any time because of users expressing them themselves online; posting content that may have originated in other places. DeviantArt, for example could be shut down due the posting of fanart – or art that resembles a character or characters and that originated elsewhere.

We think this is a big deal and we also think that it will put boundaries on our freedom online, and we think that’s an injustice. That’s why, tomorrow, January 18th, 2012, we are shutting down for 24 hours beginning at 8am and will return the following day.

What are SOPA and PIPA?

If you are not familiar with either of these bills and how they work, read this. Please, educate yourself on these bills – you can search more resources and posts, just type SOPA or PIPA in Google.

Why we are doing this

As I mentioned above. We personally believe that the passing of these bills would be an injustice to the American people. We believe that freedom in this country is dwindling and we, as entrepreneurs, have always cherished our freedom.

You may find that you do not share the same opinions. We understand. But I encourage you to decide for yourself what you believe while we exercise the right to decide what we believe.

One more note, just because the site is down tomorrow does not mean we aren’t available be phone or e-mail. We want to continue to serve our clients even while we are in protest, so if you need to contact us please feel free to do so.

Thank you