CODA Recap & Holiday Plans

Hello, bloggers! I am excited because we have a lot to do in the coming months and I’m thrilled for the coming of 2011! I’ve been neglecting this blog for…a month? (sorry) so let me just take a few moments to get you up to speed.

As in my two most recent blogs, I’ve been working on two different projects lately. One was my Benefit for CODA (read about it here) and our nerds networking group, which still has yet to be branded (read about it here).

Of course the CODA event didn’t go as planned but it went smoothly enough. I think it could have been improved by having it at a different time of year and if we had had any press. I admit that it wasn’t very well planned this time around, but we are definitely going try it again! I had only 7 women on the floor with me. Next time I hope to triple that number at least, so we’ll see what 2011 brings!

Our nerds networking group is still on and still going to happen. We’ve stopped our meetings to regroup and plan to do more meet-ups as soon as we’re branded and trademarked. Don’t worry, my nerdy peeps, we have not forgotten you. So stay tuned for updates.

On another note: the holidays aren’t far away now! We’ve got Halloween already this weekend and then before you know it, Christmas will be here!

We have a few things in store for the holiday season this year.  More specifically, the last 3 months of 2010.

First, We’ll be finishing up our client area. Clients, if your reading this, the client area will allow you to login and check your account balance and request changes without having to call us…not that we don’t want you to, of course! =D Each client of ours; new clients and existing ones, will have this feature. We’ll be emailing you your login info as soon as we get it online.

Second, I may be getting to go to Geekend 2010 after all! Money has been so tight this year for Tristan and I and  so I am really excited!  I met a lady yesterday at the Savannah BANG meeting with an extra ticket!…Coincidence? No way! What a blessing! So I will hopefully be in the SAV for the first weekend in November representing my company and mingling with fellow geeks (awesome!).

Third, as I mentioned, this has been a hard year financially, which I’m not ashamed to admit because I know that many of my clients and friends feel the same. But this Christmas I knew I wanted to do something charitable for those that are even less fortunate. So Three TEN Seven Design has gotten its own Salvation Army Online Red Kettle in my name to raise money for those in need this Christmas. My goal is to raise $250 to donate to those struggling with financial hardship and homelessness right here in the lowcountry area.

I urge you to please help us out by donating any amount to our kettle. To help, go to our Facebook page and click on the “Red Kettle” tab. There you’ll find a link to donate to our kettle. The site will let you specify which Salvation Army you want to donate to, just type in the ZIP code and chose the organization that follows. If you can’t give but know someone who can, please pass it on. Invite people to like our page or pass on the link to our kettle. Let’s work together to give happy holidays to all!

Thanks to all of friends, fans and clients for your continued support! Now, back to our regular blogging schedule…